Hi all! I’m Haven.

I’m a 20-something Canadian with a whole lotta love for nutrition, nature, yoga and movement. I’m currently halfway through my Master of Science degree (researching the effects of climate change on streams and fish habitat) but with each day, I am more and more sure that my passions lie in the above — and in working with and educating others on building healthy, happy lives.

In this blog I hope to share the tips and tricks I discover daily in creating MY happy — musings, recipes, links, ideas. If you have any questions, or anything you’d like to see, just send me a message!

Now…5 Fun Facts About Me:

  1. About 1 year ago I started practicing yoga, in my bedroom. Now I start 6 out of 7 days at 5:30 am for my Ashtanga practice — I cannot imagine my life without it. It has been such a lesson in persistence, patience and self love.
  2. At the start of this year I joined a local Crossfit “box” — and unsurprisingly became immediately hooked. Two weeks later I found myself participating in the 2017 Open (scaled division of course)!
  3. My love for real, whole foods (local, pastured meats, seasonal veggies and fruits, healthy fats (from grassfed animals, coconut, olives, avocados)) stemmed from my own difficulties with hormonal imbalance and amenorrhea, IBS (caused by SIBO, a parasite and gut dysbiosis) and mental health struggles. I have found profound healing through these nutrient dense, nourishing foods and in eating to fuel both my body and brain. (Bonus fact – I was actually a vegetarian for the 4 years leading up to the culmination of all of these health issues…and now my favourite food is probably a toss-up between the grassfed beef liver or beef tongue from my local farmer pal. (Don’t knock it ’til you’ve had these guys’ organs, and prepared by me))!
  4. For 6 summers straight I worked as a wilderness guide in Eastern Canada — with a slew of wicked co-guides I led teens on canoe, kayak and hiking trips. Each year as the days begin to lengthen I can feel that itch to be out in the woods, starting my day at sunrise from the cozy confines of my sleeping bag.
  5. I love boardgames, particularly word games: Boggle, Scrabble, Bananagrams (and do crosswords count)? Seven Wonders is a NON-word game though that I highly, highly recommend.
  6. …Okay 1 more for good luck and a good laugh: I firmly refuse to outgrow my love for fantasy novels — because what’s cool about a book that doesn’t have at least one dragon in it? When I was 11 I wrote and mailed myself multiple acceptance letters to Hogwarts, including one from a school called DragonWyng — the Canadian school of witchcraft and wizardry! 😉

Cheers! I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you as well.